What Is Gynecomastia & What Are The Benefits Of Gynecomastia Surgery


Gynaecomastia (now and again known as “man boobs”) is a common condition that results in enlargement of the breast tissue in males. It is more common in young children (around 5-7years) and older men.

One of the most common cause for Gynaecomastia is Obesity. Sudden gain in weight or loss of weight results in gynaecomastia.

Gynaecomastia can also be physiological occurring in a newborn child and adolescent men who frequently experience transient enlargement of breasts due to the effect of maternal hormones and hormonal modifications all through puberty, respectively. This gradually improves with age, and usually does not require any treatment. However, thorough evaluation by a physician is necessary to rule out any other pathological cause for this condition.

Gynaecomastia results from an imbalance in hormone levels in which ranges of estrogen (female hormones) are multiplied relative to levels of androgens (male hormones). Gynaecomastia as a result of transient changes in hormone levels in a newborn, usually disappears on its own within six months to two years. Sometimes, gynaecomastia that develops in puberty persists beyond two years and is referred to as Continual Pubertal Gynaecomastia. For more details on Gynaecomastia  check Ksd-media

Gynecomastia surgery offers immense benefits to men who suffer from male breast enlargement. This surgery is extremely successful in getting rid of excess fat on the chest without posing any health concern.

Gynecomastia Surgery improves self-confidence while interacting with friends and other members of society

Some of the benefits of gynecomastia surgery include:


Men with enlarged breasts often feel embarrassed and psychologically disturbed because the appearance of their chest doesn’t conventionally match their gender. Gynecomastia surgery helps overcome this embarrassment.

Some of the psychological benefits of gynecomastia surgery are:

A. Improves self-confidence while interacting with friends and other members of society

B. Relieves you from social stigma attached to enlarged male breasts

C. Helps you free your mind from distressing thoughts, such as what to wear and how to cover your chest

D. Enables you to wear better-fitting clothes instead of baggy shirts to conceal the excess fat.

E. You can go shirtless without worrying about your appearance.

F. Helps you perform physical activities, such as exercising, running, and swimming, more comfortably without being self-conscious.


A well-proportioned chest is the desire of every man. Gynecomastia surgery helps you obtain a well-toned chest, which in turn improves your posture. A heavier chest may cause hunching in the long run. A reduced chest size enables you to indulge in physical activities to keep your body physically strong.

Economical and result oriented:

Gynecomastia surgery offers a pocket-friendly solution to your problem without any fear of failure or scarring. This surgery has a high rate of success among all alternative treatments available for gynecomastia. As the results are accurate and long lasting, there is no need to spend further.

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