The Virtual Phone System Keeps Your Budget Intact


Business owners who are looking for ways to save on their overhead costs may be surprised to learn how little a virtual phone system costs. With no expensive installation fees, no equipment to buy, plenty of features and a low monthly bill, this system can be a great way to meet communications needs on a budget.

No Installation Fees or Equipment to Buy

Businesses that need multiple telephone numbers or extensions will likely find that the installation of multiple lines and telephone jacks can quickly grow to staggering totals. Telephone jacks cost about $100 on average to install, and if additional telephone lines need to be run to other rooms, this cost can grow even more. On the same note, it is very expensive to purchase telephones and equipment that are designed to work with these lines. A virtual system can save money by eliminating the need for any additional phone lines or equipment installation. Similarly, this system will work with any existing telephone landline or cell phone.

Low Monthly Cost

A single standard landline with business features and unlimited long distance can cost between $60 and $80 on average, and while each additional line or extension that is added comes at a reduced cost, these totals can still be huge. A virtual phone number comes with a predetermined number of lines or extensions for a low monthly cost—usually around $30, depending on the features selected. In many cases, this also comes with a toll-free number. Business owners who truly want to save money and experience the best in communications will find a virtual system to be the best option available on the market today.

Auto attendants

Any small business owner knows that missed calls are missed opportunities, and for this reason, many will hire administrative assistants to ensure that each and every call is answered and properly routed. On average, the annual salary for an administrative assistant is between $30,000 and $45,000 per year, depending on the setting and geographic location. An auto attendant is a great piece of technology that can perform the same duties as an administrative assistant, but it is included in the monthly price of most virtual phone systems. Each call will be answered with a professional greeting before being routed to the proper recipient. This has the potential to provide business owners with a huge savings.

Money-Saving Features

There are plenty of other money-saving features that come with a virtual system. Some of these include the ability to forward calls to any number—mobile or hard-wired. Businesses will also have the ability to send and receive faxes via the internet, which not only improves productivity, but also helps business owners save money on fax machines and their supplies. Finally, the ability to choose a vanity number as part of a virtual system will help business owners better market their products and services while making their companies more memorable.A virtual phone system is a great way for business owners to get all of the products and features they need at a price they can afford. This is one instance in which the less expensive option is also the best and most beneficial option.


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