Merecedes Benz AMG GT Transmission


Mercedes’ AMG range has swollen concretely putting forth a wide choice before customers who long for performance oriented luxury cars. Slipping in comfortably in the AMG division is the successor to the SLS AMG dubbed ‘ AMG GT S’ which has been endowed with splendiferous looks and hand built mighty V8 engine supplying energy to the vehicle. Apart from the fact that it has been built in house at the Mercedes AMG unit, what makes the besotting vehicle special is the magnificent cabin that appears even better than that of the predecessor. Power is developed in abundance which in directly reciprocated in the performance and handling and the acceleration on offer may put rivals to shame. Although, it may not be as extravagant as SLS AMG, but the relatively smaller and evidently less aggressive AMG GT S has it all to give a tough fight to competition in the arena. Luxury doesn’t come for a small price and this one falls in the same category, Mercedes AMG GT S price in India is a jaw dropping amount that is certainly not affordable by the upper middle class, hence the ultra uber vehicle is limited to the elite luxury conscious class in India.


As we can see, its external appearance itself expresses the story of its power and performance. Better than other AMG products, this sports car has the best build quality and it resembles much alike its elder brother SLS AMG. However, it doesn’t sport wing doors like those in the SLS AMG. It has a specific exterior design blended with classy coupe silhouette along with the cues of a racer. Starting with the frontage, it features an almond shaped headlight cluster powered by LED headlamps and DRLs. Its bonnet is pretty long and is designed with a pair of scoops and floating lines. The radiator grille has a perforated mesh along with a horizontal strip with company’s logo. Usually, we can see sports cars with brushed metallic accents on its body, but this Merc has chrome on its radiator grille. Its bumper looks small and yet, has a sporty design with lower spoiler. This helps to maintain down-force and keeps the vehicle stable, while enhancing its dynamic appeal. Its side profile has a sleek stance with backward-cab design. Its fenders are massive and are paired with elegant set of alloy wheels. Here, buyers can opt for a specific AMG package that includes alloy wheels of different styles and size. Its window sills along with the outside mirror caps have glossy black finish, while the doors have a chrome finish. As for the rear section, it is an absolute beauty unlike any other vehicle in its class. The rear bumper is the only part that exudes sportiness. Rest of the cosmetics expresses the luxury and classy characteristics of this GT S. Its taillight cluster has a wraparound and is integrated with LED lights. The bootlid has a windscreen that blends with the panoramic sunroof and extends up to the A pillar. The presence of AMG badge and company’s star on boot-lid further elevates its style.


The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT‘s cockpit is a thing of beauty. The design, materials and craftsmanship are all top-notch. Buyers have the ability to customize the space with different upholstery materials, contrasting stitching and trim choices that include matte or glossy carbon fiber. The 8-inch display boasts crisp graphics, but it looks a bit like an iPad perched atop the center vents and is one of the few inelegant touches in an otherwise-stunning cabin.That display can be controlled by one of two interfaces: a traditional knob controller or a touchpad that gracefully arcs above it. The latter mimics tablet and trackpad gestures such as swiping, pinching and tapping. You can also trace letters and numbers on the surface (when inputting a street address, for example), though this feature is mainly aimed at buyers whose primary language does not use the Roman alphabet. We actually appreciate that Mercedes provides drivers with this control redundancy, but certain menus and audio controls are convoluted. As such, COMAND isn’t always the easiest interface to use.

For some drivers, the GT will be a little uncomfortable. The seats are well-bolstered for sporty driving, but their thin padding makes the AMG GT just uncomfortable enough that you wouldn’t necessarily want to take it on a really long road trip. Taller drivers might not be able to slide or recline the seatback far enough to get comfortable. Outward visibility is limited by the thick front roof pillars, low windshield header and long hood.There’s a useful amount of cargo space under the hatch, which at 12.4 cubic feet, is about what you’d expect in traditional four-seat coupes. The space is unusually shaped, so soft luggage bags are a good choice, but you can squeeze a couple golf bags in there if you need to. In general, you’re likely to find the GT a less livable car than a Porsche 911, but more livable than a Jaguar F-Type.


Displacing 4.0 liters in a 90-degree, V-8 configuration, the aluminum block features a closed-deck design for added rigidity, while keeping its weight at only 461 pounds. The engine makes use of the innovated ‘Hot Vee’ configuration that routes the hot exhaust gases to the center Vee section, while the cool, fresh air is routed in from the outer sections of the cylinder heads. While it’s backwards from most conventional engines, it allows nearly instantiations pressure to the two turbochargers mounted within the Vee.Forged aluminum pistons are fitted with ‘friction-optimized’ rings and the cylinder walls are covered with a NANOSLIDE coating for further friction reduction. A dry-sump oiling system keeps parts properly lubricated even when under extreme lateral Gs, and eliminates the need for a large oil pan. Without the bulky pan, Mercedes and AMG were able to lower the engine, decreasing the car’s overall center of gravity.

The four overhead cam shafts are fully variable in their timing and work with Piezo direct fuel injectors to deliver a precise amount of fuel for varying circumstances. The two turbochargers’ temperatures are kept in check by an indirect intercooling system with a low-temperature water circuit. The result is cooler air entering the engine at higher pressure. That combination helps the 4.0-liter V-8 generate its 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque in the top-level Mercedes-AMG GT S. The oomph translates into a 0-to-60 mph benchmark of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 193 mph, figures that place the range-topping AMG GT between the 911 Carrera 4S and the Turbo.There’s also a lower-tier engine that develops 456 ponies and 443 pound-feet of torque. The “lesser” GT is 0.2 seconds slower from naught to 60 mph and comes with a top speed of 189 mph.


The steering on the Mercedes AMG GT-S is light at low speeds but it weighs up very nicely once the speeds gather. The feedback that it offers is excellent but I still think I found the wheel on the C63 AMG S a tad bit better in terms of feel. Handling is precise and direct and the vehicle feels very engaging to drive around the twisties. The AMG GT-S has a very tail happy nature and the tail slides out very easily. The traction control does a good job if things seem to be getting a bit out of control, but if you’re used to driving sports cars, then you’d know how to have proper fun with this one too.

The AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension is firmly set up and the ride is very stiff but that’s typical of every sports car. The ground clearance is low too so you need to work around a bit while climbing over speed breakers or building/office entrances. Some more care needs to be taken for the front lip which is again set low. Our test car had a staggered wheel set-up with low profile tyres and grip levels were seriously astounding. The ventilated disc brakes also have awesome bite and stopping power is brilliant.


Standard safety features on the 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S include antilock brakes, stability and traction control, side airbags, head-protecting side curtain airbags and knee airbags. The GT S also comes with a drowsy driver warning system, a forward collision warning system, automatic braking for front crash mitigation, a rearview camera, and front and rear parking sensors. Lane departure warning and blind-spot monitoring are available as part of the Lane Tracking option package. The optional Mercedes Mbrace telematics system provides automatic crash notification, crisis assistance and more.


The Mercedes AMG GT is priced at Rs 2.4 crore, ex-showroom. So, it’s not value for money by any stretch. What it is is a sterling example of beautiful engineering. The shape is classic but underneath, with all that aluminium and magnesium, not to forget cutting edge engine and chassis tech, it is an outstanding sportscar to drive. But, it’s not just about speed and fast lap times, it’s also pretty up-to-date with many a bells and whistles for comfort and safety inside the cabin. So, as a car to own and drive, the GT works perfectly. Just make sure you avoid broken roads, potholes, speedbreakers, bumps, road joints, pebbles, re-layered tarmac, and everything else that isn’t as smooth as glass…


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