How Does A Telephone Call Routing Work?

Call routing is a basic phone system service that is available for personal or professional communication needs. Most telecommunication providers have made the service available for mobile, land line and business phone systems for a nominal charge, and in some cases for free, as part of a product service plan. To implement the service a user must know the phone number or extension of the person receiving the routed call. Additionally, some mobile companies allow users to temporarily route all incoming calls (a start and end date and time must be specified period prior to activation). This period can be limited to a lunch break, vacation period, or leave of absence from a job or residence. During the specified time, all calls would be routed from the mobile phone to a land line, for example, where the call would be received by a secretary or other person able to receive it.

Professional Routing Services

For business needs, consider a professional routing service. Many of these professional routing services do not require hardware. Acting as a hosting administrator, professional routing services use a computer to connect and route missed or scheduled calls to a second phone number without the need for an internal or third party. The system functions independently to route specified business phone numbers, all phone calls received during a specified “transfer” period of time, and phone calls that are schedule to be received from a particular residence, business, area code, or phone number.

Never Miss Another Phone Call

Transfer faxes, or incoming calls to never miss another important call again. Transfer from within a business, or route calls from a land line to a mobile, or vice versa. Contact your mobile provider when routing calls from a mobile number to a second number. See the manufacturer’s instruction book to determine if this feature is available with your phone service, and to learn how to initiate the routing feature.Determine if all calls will be automatically routed or only after a specified number of rings or attempts. When leaving for a vacation, route all calls from a land line to a mobile or hotel phone to guarantee all calls are received. Notify your service providers if you require additional assistance or want to stop the routing service.


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