H-1B 2020 Predictions FAQ

H1B Visa

Can we expect more changes from the Trump administration concerning the H-1B?

President Trump and his administration have made it abundantly clear that they intend to do what they can to mitigate illegal immigration as well as the negative impact that legal immigration has on American workers.

Their actions since the president’s election have backed this intention. With the final year of the term approaching, we can likely expect more H-1B changes to come. For Employment Visa Process Visit Orphosyscorp

Will there be a lottery for 2021?

Recently, there have been some very big changes made to the way that the H-1B is treated. It can be easy to take the lottery for granted, but that can just as easily be removed with something as simple as an executive order.

As of now, however, with the annual number of petitions so high, it is reasonably to expect a petition for 2021.

How can I know if these changes will affect my case?

All of these H-1B changes may seem impactful, but you may not be sure if this is something you should be concerned with. If you are a beneficiary that does not qualify for the master’s cap, you may not need to worry about anything.

However, for master’s cap immigrants and U.S. petitioning employers, it may be a different story. Your immigration attorney will be able to help you apply these changes to your case.

How can I stay updated on the H-1B changes?

The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter or to check the USCIS website regularly for news and updates. To know more details on H1B Visa check Byteintobigdata

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